How to Apply Filter while Using Logstash Modules?

I'm using Logstash ArcSight Module, one of Logstash Modules, to process my CEF data, which comes from Kafka.

However, I'd like to do manipulation with the data, such as:
Metadata from Kafka
Filter "Mutate"
to add more information into the data and send it to Elasticsearch/Kibana.

Unfortunately, I can't use conf.d/*.conf while any Logstash Module is applied.
How to apply filter while using Logstash Modules?

I don't think you can modify the filters in a module. The idea is just to get you up and running looking at some basic data quickly.

There isn't much to the module. It's a kafka (or tcp) input with a cef codec, a couple of geoip filters, and an elasticsearch output. If you have gotten to the point you want to write additional filters, you might as well write the input and output too.

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