How to apply mutate split on dynamic fields

How can I apply mutate split on dynamic fields

I don't want to risk wasting time guessing what you mean so please elaborate. Giving an example is often a useful way of avoiding ambiguity and getting a good answer.

actually I have last log field as dynamic company_concept_ss=Asia,India,Ceo|location_concept_ss=Asia,India|general_concept_ss=India,Ceo,pay
all these fields are dynamic i.e the name and count of the fields can vary
and I want output
"company_concept_ss" => [
[0] "Asia",
[1] "India",
[2] "ceo"
and so on

Okay. You'll have to use a ruby filter to loop over the possible field names and call (the Ruby) split function on the string values in the fields.

can you show me the example or a link to that, I am not familiar with ruby

There are lots of similar examples in the archives of this forum. I don't have time to dig up one in particular.

I can't find one .Please help whenever you have time today or tomorrow

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