How to auto sign-in users for an embedded Kibana dashboard


I am trying to embed a kibana dashboard in my ASP.Net MVC app. So the most common question would be to auto sign-in the user to Kibana (from the embedded iframe).

I know this topic was asked couple of times in the forum and I've tried the solutions from past discussions but it still not working.

My Environment

  • Elastic Search/Kibana is hosted in ElasticCloud.
  • Dashboard is embedded on the ASP.Net MVC Web app (separate domain host)

Appreciate your replies and suggestions.


hi @kenneth,

this is not provided out of the box, but you could do this by setting up a reverse-proxy, which passes along the credentials.

There's an example with nginx here in this thread: Auto authenticating to an embedded Kibana dashboard (on CLOUD)

thanks @thomasneirynck - saw this topic too. i was hoping if there's another way to do this aside from setting up a reverse-proxy.

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