How to avoid field in filebeat

Hi Team,

I am sending data to elasticsearch using filebeat once the file were harvested I can see field where the value is hostname of the VM

  	"_index": "filebeat-7.17.6-2023.03.13-000001",
  	"_type": "_doc",
  	"_id": "wGdI24YBQ3WX0oT6tKyJ",
  	"_score": 1.0,
  	"_source": {
  		"@timestamp": "2023-03-13T14:03:38.455Z",
  		"agent": {
  			"name": "logstash",
  			"type": "filebeat",
  			"version": "7.17.6",
  			"hostname": "logstash",
  			"ephemeral_id": "6f61b3c8-4867-470a-834b-6389c7e848d9",
  			"id": "e4e34578-5252-4493-ab90-380affaa6a3f"
  		"log": {
  			"offset": 514,
  			"file": {
  				"path": "/home/ganeshbabu_lab/filebeat-7.17.6-linux-x86_64/seven.log"
  		"message": "testing the filebeat",
  		"input": {
  			"type": "filestream"
  		"fields": {
  			"host": "filebeat-test",
  			"level": "debug",
  			"review": 1
  		"ecs": {
  			"version": "1.12.0"
  		"host": {
  			"name": "logstash"

By default field is coming in every events processed through filebeat.
How to avoid in json by default?

Using drop fields i can able to remove the Is there any option in filebeat not to send

Please let me know your thoughts.

Ganeshbabu R

Hi @r.ganeshbabu. You could make use of the drop_fields processor. If that's what you've already tried, please respond back on this thread.

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Use Something like this in filebeat.yml:

    - add_host_metadata: null
    - drop_fields:
            agent.type: filebeat
        - agent.hostname
        - agent.type
        - agent.ephemeral_id
        - agent.version
        - log.offset
        - log.flags
        - input.type
        - ecs.version
        - host.os
        - host.mac
        - host.architecture
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Thanks for sharing the details.. I have used drop fields processor in filebeat config

Ganeshbabu R

Specific to the fields for add_host_metadata (host.*), you can use:
publisher_pipeline.disable_host: true


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