How to catch errors in output plugin?


I'm trying to write a tag or a field in @metadata in an output plugin but can't match that value in a if statement.

Here's the output block:

output {
  something {
    ...setting the tag/field inside this plugin...

  if "_outputfailed" in [tags] {
    statsd {
      increment => [ "fail" ]
  } else {
    statsd {
      increment => [ "success" ]

I can clearly see the tag if I send the event to stdout, same thing with the @metadata field, it's there and it's an integer, but I can't match against it. I've also tried to use the value in the statsd increment call like: fail_%{[@metadata][output_status]}, that's always set to the expected output status and renders fail_200. I've tried matching both strings and integers, exact match and in list matches, nothing works.

Statements I've tested, all failing, value of the @metadata field is 200:

if "_outputfailed" in [tags]
if [tags] in ["_outputfailed"]
if [@metadata][output_status] == 200
if [@metadata][output_status] == "200"
if [@metadata][output_status] in [200, 201]
if [@metadata][output_status] in ["200", "201"]

So my question is, can I set a field or tag in an output plugin and match against it? Or how can I see if my output filter got an error and handle it?

-- William

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just to make sure: Do you remember about 'curly braces'?
I mean: you always have gotif [tags] in ["_outputfailed"] { ... } ,right?

Did you test config file? Simple syntax test:
sudo /opt/logstash/bin/logstash -f /path-to-file/mylogstash.conf --configtest
I am not saying that it covers 100% cases, nor detect all errors, but above command
is really helpful.