How to change @timestamp from UTC timezone to Other timezone

Logstash generates indexes based on @timestamp with UTC time, if I want to get documents from
2020-05-08 to 2020-05-09 with my timezone, I need to search indexes logstash-2020-05-07 and
logstash-2020-05-08, if I can change the @timestamp to my timezone direct, I think I can directly search the index logstash-2020.05.08.
therefore, how can i change @timestamp timezone to my timezone or how can i create another field that contains @timestamp with my timezone?

You can create a Kibana scripted field using the Painless language as explained here.

But that field will only be available for querying within Kibana since it is a scripted field. If you want this field to be available in Elasticsearch then you will have to replay/reindex your logs and use the date filter in Logstash to set the timezone.

Hi.Thanks for your feedback.

I won't use Kibana for quering to Elasticsearch.
i want to created a filed same as @timestamp that it on my timezone.

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