How to check if a document exists for a specified Id and alias name

Iam trying to check if a document exists for the specified ID and alias using the search Api, In the response I just need the index name if the document exists.
Adding to this, is there any api to check if the returned index is the current write index.
Is there a better way to do this instead of search api.
Something similar to search exist api which is deprecated now.

Thank you

Check whether document returned is from a read or a write index is the best answer you will get for this.

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You never described you reasons for using rollover for this use case. Based on your queries it sounds like you would be better off using a single index that you update rather than rollover and ILM. This will make updates much easier to handle and completely avoid the issues you seem determined to solve while making deletes and retention management a bit more expensive.

How much data are you ingesting and updating per day? How long is your retention period? Do you base this retention period on when the document was initially created or when it was last updated?

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