How to check Logstash speed?

Hi Experts,

Sorry to ask a very basic question , How I can check the logstash speed . I mean how many lines events/logs per second it is parsing or reading ?


try using metrics filter

WOW!! it helps Navneet, but I have a quick question . Since my prod LS thread is already running , so do I need to create another thread for metrics LS filter.

What I observe even if I stopped all LS , it still giving me the output.So my concern is if nothing is running then what is this output.

rate: 19618.364898825177
rate: 19630.425007634054
rate: 19627.912402753394
rate: 19632.04511484765
rate: 19659.802086904296
rate: 19677.951837923785
rate: 19690.09294661005
rate: 19685.11227759938
rate: 19692.81101880793
rate: 19706.99425863745
rate: 19687.549519329303

today I use statsD

Hi Jeferson,

Can you please guide me how you use it in LS config file ?

I use the StatsD output:

				namespace => "logstash"
                                    increment => ["1"]
				host => "host"
				port => port

after that, you have to use the elasticsearch statsd plugin to send this to ES or use Graphite
the StatsD will generate how many events pass in Logstash.