How to check what caused APM error

I'm getting this error on my server, I need to know how to know what's the root cause?
logging error fe074d03-eae5-4f7b-adcc-de3514859480 with Elastic APM

of course with different id every time.

I How I can get the full error log/stack error of this?


Could you share some more details about your setup, which APM Server version are you using and which agent? Do you see data getting ingested into your Elasticsearch instance and do they show up in the Kibana UI?

By default the server logs on level info but you could set that to debug, which produces a lot more log output. You can change that in the apm-server.yml.

I'm using 6.2 with Nodejs
everything with APM is good, getting data into Kibana.
but on my server logs i'm seeing such messages just right before my server crashs

logging error fe074d03-eae5-4f7b-adcc-de3514859480 with Elastic APM

I really don't know what is that means, I used to get such things when miss configure something or missing some npm modules.

but in production and everything working fine, and suddenly out of blue start getting this.
How/where I can get more info about it? is that ID really useful or it just random logs?

Is there any chance you can upgrade your Elastic stack and the nodejs agent to the latest versions?

Do the nodejs agent logs reveil anything? Otherwise as mentioned above turning the log legel to debug instead of info for some time might reveal more insights.


this message means that the Node.js agent has recorded and error and sent it to the APM Server.

You can search for this particular error by going to the discover tab in Kibana, selecting the apm-* index pattern and searching for : "fe074d03-eae5-4f7b-adcc-de3514859480".

In more recent versions, you can use the query bar in the Error tab of the APM UI:


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