How to configure ingest node pipeline in filebeats when using elastic cloud?

Hi all,

We're looking to configure ingest node processing on a deployment hosted in the elastic cloud, and had a question on how to configure the ingest pipeline, ie since this is a cloud deployment our config for auth in filebeat.yml is: "blabla"
cloud.auth: "blabla"

The guidance for configuring an ingest pipeline on a beats machine with a non-cloud deployment is:


  • hosts: ["localhost:9200"]*
  • pipeline: "test-pipeline"*

Since we have a cloud deployment, what would we put to configure the pipeline in filebeat.yml? just omit the 'hosts' line from the above or something else?

Setting output.elasticsearch.pipeline is enough. and cloud.auth is used to work out which host to send the request, so there is no need to set hosts.

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