How to configure output as webhook for filebeat?

I went through the output list of filebeat, webhook is not supported is what I can gather.

How easy or difficult will it be to add webhook as output param for filebeat?

I am already using filebeat to ship logs to elasticsearch but want to send it to a webhook as well.

And since filebeat already does the job so well, using another filewatcher and writing things seems not worth it just for pushing to another output. If any other simpler solution is there please suggest.

Hi @abh90 welcome to the community.

There two challenges with your request one filebeat only outputs to a single output and two as you noted there is no HTTP output.

Perhaps you should look at Logstash you could direct your filebeat data at logstash and then write it to both elasticsearch and the HTTP output see here . Lockstash can write to multiple outputs.

Thanks for the welcome @stephenb

I rather not use logstash due to overhead of maintaining one more component. Can I modify filebeat to output it to http? and then I can run multiple beats?

How difficult will it be to add http output to filebeat source?

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