How to convert one filed date to string in Logstash

I have below log pattern,
2023-03-15T11:11:59.341602012Z stdout F [INFO ] {"logtype":"msg","trackingid":"XXXXXXX","abcid":"XXXXXXX","operation":{"name":"XXXXX","version":"105"}

In above logpattern "message":"OK:instancedate:2023-02-21T11:11:59.045+0000"
is changed into "message":"2023-03-13T07:25:00.310+0000" remaining thing is same . Now we are getting "message" field is conflict in kibana.

We have "string" value for "message" field for other "usecases". Currently we have
1. "usecase" = ABC "message" filed is "2023-03-13T07:25:00.310+0000"
2. "usecase" = XYZ or PQR "message" filed is "heloo world".
my requirement is i need to store "message" filed in all "usecase" how can i achieve this?

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