How to correctly use translate in Logstash?

This is an example of my data in Kibana and what I am doing in Logstash with groks and some background info can be found here.

I have categories, subcategories and products which can be seen in the Kibana screen capture above. An example of each would be: banking (category), transaction account (subcategory) and an everyday account (product). I want to be able to translate logs that only contain info about a product to also include their category and subcategory. I understand the I need to use translate to do this and that I could have a yaml file with key-value pairs from which I could pull data from as discussed here.

But in this context, I do not understand what I would exactly need to my config file to solve this problem. Can someone please help?

So thanks to this webpage, I figured out the solution was to have this transformation:

translate {  
	regex =>  true 
	field =>  "product" 
	destination =>  "category" 
	dictionary  => ["(everyday-account)|(streamline-basic)|(goal-saver)|(netbank-saver)|(awards-card)|(low-rate-card)", "banking", "(base-variable-rate-home-loan)|(fixed-rate-home-loan)","home-buying","(managed-funds)|(property-investment-fund)|(share-trading)", "investing" ]
translate { 
	regex  => true 
	field => "product" 
	destination  => "subcategory" 
	dictionary =>["(everyday-account)|(streamline-basic)","transaction-account","(goal-saver)|(netbank-saver)","savings-account","(awards-card)|(low-rate-card)","credit-cards"]