How to create a conditional scripted field in Kibana

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Hi Experts,

I want to create a scripted field in kibana . My requirement is to use words rather numbers . So I have a field Priority =1 to 10 here 1 is lowest and 10 is the highest . So it is like if priority in [1,5] then it is low or if priority in [6,10] then it should be high .

Please help

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I tried this but it does not work
doc['priority'].value == 9 ? high : low

Rather doc['priority'].value == 9 ? 1 : 0 is working fine but it does not solve my problem as I do not want numeric output , Plus how I can mentions multiple conditions here ?

(Tanya Bragin) #3

Lucene expressions (default scripting language) only work on numerical data, so you can't introduce strings. If you want to go this route, you have to use Groovy.

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Thank you Tanya,

Lets assume I have a Groovy Script , my concern is where I need to call that I was searching for Groovy script in Elasticsearch , I saw some examples but those are again on numerical data . Can you suggest some simple example for string data.


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There is some info on how to do indicate you are using Groovy here with static scripts: Calling groovy script from Kibana

Alternatively, you can enable dynamic groovy (though I wouldn't recommend it, as it's insecure).

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Thanks It helps, need another favor . I am trying below code but it is not working . I wan to create a field Priority_word only if the condition is true . So if the priority.value is between 1 to 3 then new scripted field should say low else medium.

"script_fields" : { "priority_word" : { "script" : "if (doc['priority'].value >= 1) and (doc['priority'].value >= 3) { doc['priority_word'] = 'low'" } } }

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