How to create a custom field in metricbeat?

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I have two queries,

  1. I want to collect total count of CPU in a server but it is not available in metricbeat. so how can I
    collect total number of cpu?

  2. Along with metricbeat data I need to send some custom ID which may represent tenant_ID or
    server_ID. so it will hep me to analyze the data based on tenant_ID

Thanks a lot,

(Andrew Kroh) #2
  1. You want the number of physical processors? You should be able to get that data from /proc/cpuinfo. If you wanted to customize Metricbeat to report this data we have a developer guide that we are working on readying for the GA release.

  2. You can use fields to add arbitrary data to every event.

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when we will get GA release

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The developer guide is already now in quite a good state to start using it, no need to wait for GA.

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