How to create array data type from CSV

Hey, let's assume I have the following CSV and I would like to populate it into world_cup_2018 index

csv: groups.csv
Group A|Uruguay,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Egypt
Group B|Spain,Portugal,Iran,Morocco

I would like to create the following fields on my index:
teams: array

My logstash script:

start_position => "beginning"
path => "/home/groups.csv"
"sincedb_path" => "/dev/null"

csv {
separator => "|"
columns => [

elasticsearch {
hosts => ["https://localhost:9243"]
index => ["world_cup_2018"]
manage_template => false
stdout { codec => "rubydebug" }
#stdout { codec => "dots" }

Is it possible? If yes, what should I change in this script in order to convert teams field into an array, with comma as my separator?


You can do that using a mutate+split operator.

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks :slight_smile:

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