How to create custom fields like apache for Tomcat logs?

Dear Team,

I am happy to use your services but I want to create custom fields like apache module response code, error and I want to create same to same fields for tomcat access logs, how it is possible, Please share the steps

my demo logs are mentioned below:--

@timestamp August 3rd 2019, 13:46:17.044
t _id buKNVmwBVzO-jEThAtIP
t _index filebeat-6.4.2-2019.08.03
# _score -
t _type doc
t beat.hostname ip-tomcat-xx-xx-x-xxx
t ip-tomcat-xx-xx-x-xxx
t beat.version 6.4.2
t ip-tomcat-xx-xx-x-xxx
t input.type log
t message xx-xx-x-xxx - - [03/Aug/2019:13:46:06 +0530] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 13 200 751
# offset 3,978,827
t prospector.type log
t source /opt/tomcat/logs/live_access_log.2019-08-03.txt

You need to create your own Filebeat module:

Is there any video tutorial for that to create easily.

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