How to create grok filter based on targeted word in message?

Hi guys please verify whether this is the proper way to use grok ?

If "i am happy: true" in [message] {
grok { match => "message" , "%{GREEDYDATA:myfield"}


My intension is to create a new field based on spesific string to be selected in message for visualization later.
Any help is really really appreciated as im still new with this elk! Thanks guys

The syntax is wrong, it should be

grok { match => { "message" => "%{GREEDYDATA:myfield}" } }

That said, if you match a field against GREEDYDATA all you are doing is creating a copy of the field, which would be better done using a mutate filter.

Hi badger,
Thanks for your response.

For my case i really need to check the message content like if i am so happy: true then create one field for that like myfield or if i am so happy: false then create another field for it possible to check and verify the content inside the [message] to do that ?

You could use grok to pull out true/false using

grok { match => { "message" => "^i am so happy: %{WORD:happyOrNot}" } }

which will get you

"happyOrNot" => "true",

Note that that is a string, not a boolean.

Ok note that but is there any logic that i can use like when this string is in [message] then create this field ?

Example ia like

If "i am so happy: true" in [message] {
mutate { addfield , "myfield"=> %[message]}

Can i use this way ?

You could do that but the syntax is

mutate { add_field => { "myfield" => "%{[message]}" } }

Thanks a lot for the correctioned given!! Really appreciated! I will try to implement in such way and will update here later

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