How to customize kibana logo

Dear Concern,
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I would like to inform you that, I want to some customize in kibana login page like Login Logo, as well as icon as per my requirement. I have attached a screenshot.
Please check and give me your advice. Your advice is very helpful to us.

Lokman Hakim

Hi @lokmanopt

There is no official way of doing white label Kibana with your custom logos.
The unofficial way would have to be changing the image in the source code.
However this means you would have to maintain it yourself across upgrades.

Thanks for your reply
I will do, Could you please share the source code location. It's very helpful for me.

Lokman Hakim

It depends on the specific version of Kibana you're using.
I would recommend to use the chrome inspector and searching the project, to check for the path of each component.

But for example, the top corner logo is defined in src/core/public/chrome/ui/header/header_logo.tsx.

Just be sure to check if your SLA, if you have one, allows for changing source code.

Thanks for your reply

See: Logo change

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