How to customize the name of the s3 part file

Hi There, I use the S3 output plugin for persisting the raw data of our Mulesoft applicaiton.

I have following configuration is my s3 output plugin;

		id => "experience_rt4_s3_backup"
		codec => line { format => "%{message}"}
		bucket => "mulesoftlogsuat"
		access_key_id => "AKIAUMTDG2VB7RD3GDNM"
		secret_access_key => "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"
		region => "ap-south-1"
		upload_workers_count => 1
		time_file => 60
		size_file => 104857600
		prefix => "experience-rt4/%{+YYYY}/%{+MMM}/%{+dd}"

The default names in the s3 bucket is as follows;

Is there a way to get the names of the files shorter? Maybe some customization?

My questions points to a similar requirement as below;

Any help greatly appreciated.


Kaushik Vankayala

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