How to decode Email Subject using logstash filter?

Hello elastic community!
I'm new to logstash.
I'm using logstash filter to parse CISCO Ironport logs. But some of it has encode email Subject. How can I decode this one with logstash? Is there any filters to do it?

  • Input:
    Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Ch=E1=BB=89=20t=E1=BB=AB=2080.000=20=C4=91=E1=BB=93ng=20khi=20=C4=91=E1=BA=B7t=20taxi=20s=C3=A2n=20bay=20N=E1=BB=99i=20B=C3=A0i=20tr=C6=B0=E1=BB=9Bc=207=20ng=C3=A0y?=
  • Output:
    Subject: Chỉ từ 80.000 đồng khi đặt taxi sân bay Nội Bài trước 7 ngày

Thanx so mush!

How can I decode subject using logstash filter?
Please help!

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