How to decode Email Subject using logstash filter?

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Hello elastic community!
I'm new to logstash.
I'm using logstash filter to parse CISCO Ironport logs. But some of it has encode email Subject. How can I decode this one with logstash? Is there any filters to do it?

  • Input:
    Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Ch=E1=BB=89=20t=E1=BB=AB=2080.000=20=C4=91=E1=BB=93ng=20khi=20=C4=91=E1=BA=B7t=20taxi=20s=C3=A2n=20bay=20N=E1=BB=99i=20B=C3=A0i=20tr=C6=B0=E1=BB=9Bc=207=20ng=C3=A0y?=
  • Output:
    Subject: Chỉ từ 80.000 đồng khi đặt taxi sân bay Nội Bài trước 7 ngày

Thanx so mush!

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How can I decode subject using logstash filter?
Please help!

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