How to define input based on variables from another input

here's a case that I need to finish following steps

  1. call a rest service end point to fetch a returned id
  2. call another rest end point using the returned id in step 1 as parameter

for step 1 , I defined a http_poller to get the returned id which is simple
for step 2, how can i config ?

Any advice is appreciated , thanks !

You can't unfortunately, though I admit it'd be useful.

Maybe make a feature request against the plugin repo?

Thanks for the reply.

I guessed so. A possible workaround would be using ruby plugin to write rest request in filter stage ? yet I haven't tried.

That'd probably work.

hi Mark, I'm wondering is there any chance this feature supported in 5.x version ? I made a research but no luck, still want to confirm it here.

There is still no way to do conditionals in an input block.