How to delete apm entries per service


I have a requirement where I don't want to delete all the entires of APM after certain date, rather I want to delete apm index entries per service level based on dates.

Is there lever from curator etc which helps me achieve this?

I think technically you could do that with Curator, by using the Reindex action, but I don't think it would be the ideal approach.

Instead, I'd recommend that you:

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This was useful. Thanks!!


I need one more information, in the APM settings UI, there is Agent Configuration and Indices.

The Indices configuration suggests how APM UI queries and by default all are set ti "apm-*"

How can make the APM UI also query specific to service? so that query via APM UI is also optimized.

The UI already queries per-service where applicable, by searching for <service-name-in-context>. This should already be quite fast. Are you observing performance issues in the UI, or is this more hypothetical?

There are some optimisations that can be made by hand, bu it's not something that we test or support out of the box: since you are separating indices by service, you could change the field's type to constant_keyword. This would enable more efficient service-specific queries in Elasticsearch.

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