How to determine if field contains a value?


Here's my sample data in a field called "additional text"

"additionalText" : [
"A "commonMIBAlarm" event has occurred, from xxxxxx device, named xxxxxx Severity=major ComponentID=Navigation System&Name=Navigation Site&Name=CS ......

Now, what i wanted to accomplish is to parse few fields like severity, componentID using grok filter.

I have this in my filter,

if "commonMIBAlarm" in [additionalText] {
	grok {
		match => { "additionalText" => "%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_Status} Event Message: +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_EventMessage} Description: +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_Description} Severity = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_Severity} ComponentID = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_ComponentID} SourceIPAddress = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_SourceIPAddress} ErrCode = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_ErrCode} Alarm Data = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_AlarmData} Alarm Type = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_AlarmType} Probable Cause = +%{GREEDYDATA:AddnlText_ProbableCause}"}

After running the logstash, the filter seems not working. It doesnt parse anything. Or maybe the problem is my conditional expression? Anyone can help me?

The additionalText field is an array. If you always want to look at the first element of the array, try replacing [additionalText] and additionalText with [additionalText][0].

i need to look into all the elements, how ?

Then you'll have to use a ruby filter.

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