How to divert the logstash logs?

I am getting my LogStash logs to /var/log/logstash while I want to send them to /log/logstash.

I saw many places writing how to do so but still I am a little confused.

From now I am guessing I have to change the log4j configuration file in the following lines:

Also to change this in /etc/logstash/logstash.yml (this I did change and all what it did it stopped writing logs to /var/log/logstash but did not write logs to any where):

how to change these and is there a different way?

You updated the wrong variable in logstash.yml.

it is "path.logs" that you need to change and not

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Hi Jkuang,

Even im facing same problem as tomer, where even after giving the below path in logstash yml file
path.logs: D:\ELK-Stack\logstash-5.2.0\logs\logstash.log

Still logs are not generating in logstash, im using windows os, so please let us know how do we get logs from logstash

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Thanks jkuang, you are right I took the wrong picture.

I fixed my problem, I didnt have permission to write to the directory. changed it with chmod.

I guess this is not you problem @Sujith since you are using windows

Tomer, may i know what shall be done to get logstash logs as im not able to fine logs at al for logstash

Wish I couldve help you! I just know linux systems for logstash.

In linux it sends when not configured to /var/log/logstash. if you configure to where it should be sent in logstash.yml in path.log it should get there if that file has permettion to write inside it. I dont think this will help for Windows.

I recommend to open a new question in discuss since I believe windows will be different.

i completely understand, No problem.

Thank you tomer.

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