How to do Mathematical calculation on grok filter output

My Input file looks like below.

MemoryTotal:       100831888 kB
MemoryFree:         1212388 kB
MemoryAvailable:   49997588 kB

I am filtering the values like "MemFree:\s+%{NUMBER:mem_free}","MemTotal:\s+%{NUMBER:mem_total}", "MemAvailable:\s+%{NUMBER:mem_available}".
Now the output mem_free, mem_total, mem_available value I'm getting is in kB, but I want that converted to MB in logstash output only i.e. the output value should be mem_free, mem_total, mem_available values divided by 1024.
How I can achieve that.

Apologies, similar question might have been asked previously, but I couldn't get the answer.

You can do your calculations with Ruby:

if this is ONLY for bytes/kB etc, you can use

or can install:

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