How to do source to "multi target" translate in logstash?

We have got a CSV lookup as follows


and in Logstash, we need to translate the EmpID to both EmpName & EmpSalary at the same time. I know we can do it in multiple steps but ideally looking to see if there is a method similar to lookup functionality in Splunk to do all in one-step?

Ideally looking for something like below (as below don't work)

      translate {
        field => "[EmpID]"
        destination => "[EmpName],[EmpSalary],[EmpDepartment]"
        dictionary_path => "my_emp_file.csv"
        override => true

See here and read through this thread.

thanks Badger. This solves as a workaround, but would like to have a multi-destination option. Will raise it as a feature request in logstash github

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