How to ensure load balancing?

I report metric data through "openTelemetry". Is the connection between "openTelemetry" and "APM" maintained for a long time (not disconnected)? In this case, how to do rolling upgrade and dynamic expansion of APM? How to ensure load balancing?

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I'm not very clear what its your concern, but you can check this below link where you can check about Load Balancing or High Availability:

Please check and confirm if that help.

I have multiple "apm" servers and multiple clients. At the beginning, there were 3 nodes in "apm", and after two of them restarted, all the requests went to the node that was not restarted. The load is not balanced.

I believe you need to be clear on one thing: using HAProxy or Nginx you can set one TCP port as APM Server Main TCP PORT and set couples APM Server on different port. After that you can set into load balancer (HAProxy or Nginx) all APM Servers and distribute load. All APM Agents will sending traffic to Load Balancer and this one to one or more APM Servers.

In this moment, we will use HA Proxy and we will have 6 APM servers.

Let me know if you have more doubts or inqueries.

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