How to fetch events using REST api

Hello team -

We have an use case where we need to get events using REST api. REST api call is protected with authorization token which we generate using a url which is a combination of some parameters.

Can we create input configuration for this kind of setup?


You cannot do that using an input. You may be able use a generator input to create a dummy event and then add fields to it using an http filter.

I'm using http_poller to use POST request. It is giving error with the body.

I added body as below:

body => '{ "grant_type":"client_credentials","scope":"domain" }'

Error I'm seeing after running it as Bad request: 400

"message" => "Parameter conditions "grant_type" not met for actual request parameters: { "grant_type":"client_credentials","scope":"domain" }={}",

Please suggest corrections.

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