How to filter only below format from log file

Hi Folks,

below log is getting from the JMeter log file, can anyone help how to write logstash config filter.


2018-06-18T17:22:07.406+0530,1525,Home,200,Thread Group 1-14,true,8333,629,20,20,0,1,0,BLR3264D,1,0

Thanks in advance!

Use a csv filter.

hye magnusbaeck thanks for responds

while using csv file am getting below error

[2018-06-18T17:54:41,329][ERROR][logstash.agent ] Failed to execute action {:id=>:main, :action_type=>LogStash::ConvergeResult::FailedAction, :message=>"Could not execute action: LogStash::PipelineAction::Create/pipeline_id:main, action_result: false", :backtrace=>nil}

Is that the only log message you get? And what was the configuration you tried?

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