How to generate PATCH requests using the AppSearch output plugin?

Hello, I'm using AppSearch and need to frequently update a single dynamic field in every document. All the other fields are created once and don't change.

I'm using the odbc input connected to a mysql database, and appsearch output plugin to make the initial load.

The appsearch API logs show that all the logstash requests are PUSH. If I make a PUSH request including just the ID and the dynamic field, all the other static fields become blank.

The appsearch API documentation suggests the PATCH operation to update specific fields. That's excatly what I need, but i can't find how to make those requests from logstash.

Since I have about 150k documents and 10 static fields, making a PUSH including also the 10 static fields won't be efficient.

A workaround would be to make my own client, but I preffer staying with logstash

Thank you in advance

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