How to generate the field_split_pattern?

I want to make the filed_split_pattern in kv plugin, it's not like grok have some web site can let me try and error.

Agent_Local_Date="2018.03.26" Agent_Local_Time="2018/3/26 David 05:43:55" Computer_Name="zootek\zoo02729_NB" User_Name="zootek\zoo02729" Application="outlook.exe" Operation="File Copy" Destination_Drive_Type="Fixed" Destination_Directory="c:\users\zoo02729\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.outlook\xdnprj13" IP_Address="" Destination_File="abc.bin" Detail_File_Size_MB="0.06" Source_Drive_Type="Fixed" Source_Directory="d:\72673 sec vd tcon guide\sec feedback makefile\0316" Source_File="ksu_n7a1_sdc_17y_40_f_60hz_8bit_180315_2018.03.15_0.3_e6e8.bin"

So Any way generate the pattern?? Thank a lot.

Sorry , I had fixed this problem.

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