How to get diskio read and write counts for a particular process

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Can we get the read and write io counts ( and system.diskio.write.count) for a specific process(

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Hi @kunapaneni_siddharth :slight_smile:

This is easily achieved in Kibana by setting up the proper search when building the chart. If you want a "direct" way without using Kibana, I'm afraid that we can't do anything like this yet.

Feel free to file an enhancement issue on


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Hi @Mario_Castro
read and write io counts ( and system.diskio.write.count) are in a metricset named diskio and is in a different metricset named process. So, it's not giving the read and write counts for a specific process.

Plz find the screenshot attached


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I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question the first time. diskio metricset uses specific syscalls related to hard disk to retrieve the IO but I'm afraid that the information we retrieve is not attached anyhow to specify processes.

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"the total IO on disk is the sum of the IO per each peocess".Is it correct?
If yes, Is it possible to get IO per process?

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I'm afraid that no, while the definition is correct, we don't fetch IO per process and then sum up everything to give a value in system metricset. In resume, we just fetch the value returned by the disk

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Can you please suggest me some way to get the visualization of IO per process? or getting at least the process that is having maximum IO.

I have seen in Process Explorer that is is able to give the visualization of process that is having maximum IO versus time. Getting something like that is it possible with kibana?

Please find the screenshot below

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