How to get filebeat source date field?

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like this


I want "20181205" can out put date field in logstash.

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The file name is forwarded in the source field to Logstash. You can use grok/dissect to extract it. Not sure if date filter can parse it in Logstash. At worst you will have to use the ruby filter.

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I set this ,but can't have data.

grok {
        match => {
            "source"  =>  "%{GREEDYDATA:sth1}/%{YEAR}%{MONTHNUM}%{MONTHDAY}%/{GREEDYDATA:sth2}"

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Better store the date in a field. Plus, it seems you have a syntax error in the last section.

e.g. capturing complete date into a field named ts:

grok {
        match => {
            "source"  =>  "%{GREEDYDATA:sth1}/%{PATH_TS:ts}/%{GREEDYDATA:sth2}"
         pattern_definitions => {
           "PATH_TS" => "%{YEAR}%{MONTHNUM}%{MONTHDAY}"


This gets you the fields sth1, ts, and sth2. You still must transform the ts field to a date.

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thanks,but 'ts' can't not get data, I use 'dissect', it work now.

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