How to get filename from filebeat json object in logstash filter?

I want to parse the file from the JSON object sent by filebeat to logstash file. Can anyone please help me here?

There are probably many ways, but I have this sample:

if [log][file][path] =~ /idp-warn.log/ {....}

Its not working, condition always falls in else part

Add a "debug" logstash stdout section, that will show your event field structure. Add metadata => true also.

Are you harvesting these logs with logstash on each host or are you using filebeat sending to logstash? My example is filebeat -> logstash.

Actually we have multiple machines with filebeatand all these machines will be sending logs to logstash on a single machine. That machine will be parsing and sending data to elasticsearch.
This is my proposed architecture and i would like to have your kind commenst and suggestions on it as you must got a vast experience in it.

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