How to get information from CVS file(working like jdbc_streaming) in filter section for enrichment?

Scenario: Taking particular value from log file & depending on that value I need to get information from static CSV file.

So we are getting ASSETID from log file. Using that ASSETID I need to find ASSETNAME & ASSETGRP from csv file(mapping of ASSETID & ASSETNAME is already stoared into the csv file). So I just need a 'assetname' & 'assetgrp' from csv.

Use the translate filter.

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Thanks but I have few doubt in my mind about translate filter, they are as below

but if I want to get two fields/values from csv then how do I do that?
My csv file format is like that,

I am getting ASSETID from my log file & retrive ASSETNAME & ASSETGRP from csv in one attempt.

You can format the file as


and extract the asset name and group into a single field and then use another filter to further split it up.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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