How to get metrics of a single domain

When I export metrics from Swiftype, it gives me some of the data but not on the domain I need it from. We currently have five domains listed, but I only need data from domain.

How do I get that?

Hello again, Mary :sun_with_face: ~

Analytics are considered "Engine wide". An Engine can have multiple domains, but the analytics aggregate all domains into one "pool". We do this because the domains all share an index.

For this to be possible, you would need to separate each domain into its own Engine.


Is that an easy process?

Just to let you know, I did not set this up and am trying to understand how to use the data to help our customers and find out why I'm not seeing all our data. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It depends on your implementation.

In most cases, you would do something like this...

  1. Wait for a good cutoff, like month end or month start.
  2. Create a new Engine.
  3. Crawl your content on the new Engine.
  4. Add search to your pages.

But the trick is that there isn't an easy method of searching across multiple Engines. Each Engine would only be able to search the domains that belong to it. The consequence of multiple Engines means no shared pool of documents. Building this logic into a website requires custom code and each Engine costs more money. So, that doesn't seem to be what you're seeking.

And ahh - you're not seeing all your data -- does this mean analytics data, or do you seem to be missing documents within your Site Search Engine?

You are most welcome.


We are currently prototyping a solution for this with on of our clients. There are a couple options but the cleanest from my research so far is what Kellen is describing. The challenge is on the query side. Meaning you would probably have to go with a customize integration between the UI and Swiftype.


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