How to get sql_last_value from last_run_metadata_path every time

just the pipeline starts up, sql_last_value will be reading from the file(last_run_metadata_path).
so logstash is running, cant get change value from the file. ( There is a shell timing script that initializes values every day. I want logstash to read. So I have to use the logstash restart every time to read the new value. ) help

You can enable --config.reload.automatic so that logstash will restart a pipeline every time its configuration changes. Set path.config to (for example) /home/user/conf/foo*.conf and put your actual configuration into /home/user/conf/foo.conf, then have your shell script append a blank line to /home/user/fooBlank.conf every time it runs. This will cause logstash to restart the pipeline and re-read last_run_metadata_path.

it worked. thank you:heartpulse:

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