How to get the Metric Tag working using JDBC

I'm trying to create an Emails dashboard using the built in Metrics tag where the email information is being pulled from on Oracle Database. The query is below:

, status
, first_requested_date
, first_sent_date
FROM [transmissions]
WHERE status != 'SENT'

In Kibana when we view the output the numbers all seem dramatically big, recording like 30 million outbound emails when realistically there is no where near this amount. I think its because logstash is struggling to establish a timestamp link to the database timestamp columns but can't find any documentation on how to do this!

Here is the filter that it is using:

filter {
  if [type] == "jdbc" {
    if [index_name] == "email_status" {
      if [db_sid] == "XXX" {
        metrics {
          meter => [ "eml_%{status}" ]
          add_tag => "metric"
          add_field => {
            "index_name" => "email_status"
            "type" => "jdbc"
            "db_sid" => "XXX"

TL:DR - How do I align database datetime column to logstash's timestamp?

Any Help would be much appreciated,

Many Thanks,

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