How to get the Metric Tag working using JDBC

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I'm trying to create an Emails dashboard using the built in Metrics tag where the email information is being pulled from on Oracle Database. The query is below:

, status
, first_requested_date
, first_sent_date
FROM [transmissions]
WHERE status != 'SENT'

In Kibana when we view the output the numbers all seem dramatically big, recording like 30 million outbound emails when realistically there is no where near this amount. I think its because logstash is struggling to establish a timestamp link to the database timestamp columns but can't find any documentation on how to do this!

Here is the filter that it is using:

filter {
  if [type] == "jdbc" {
    if [index_name] == "email_status" {
      if [db_sid] == "XXX" {
        metrics {
          meter => [ "eml_%{status}" ]
          add_tag => "metric"
          add_field => {
            "index_name" => "email_status"
            "type" => "jdbc"
            "db_sid" => "XXX"

TL:DR - How do I align database datetime column to logstash's timestamp?

Any Help would be much appreciated,

Many Thanks,

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