How to get the original log from winlogbeat?

I'm using winlogbeat to publish event logs to logstash. I mean that the output from winlogbeat is for another machine that runs logstash. The plugin is :
input {
# tcp {
# port => 12345

	# }

	beats {
		port=> 6666

filter {
	mutate { rename => { "message" => "forensic"} }

output {

I want the original log sent from winlogbeat , including all existing fields. Usually the field "message" contain the entire log . the problem is the field "message is already occupied by winlogbeat with different data, and when i do :
mutate { rename => { "message" => "forensic"} }

I don't get the entire log , but only the field that winlogbeat occupied with some different data rather then the entire original log. how can I get the original log sent from winlogbeat?

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