How to get the ouput

can any one tell me why i am not getting the output.I am very new in this technology and started learning it from last week i dont know what is the problem and how i can solve this problem.

In your file input plugin use the start_position attribute and set it to beginning.

This will make the file input read from the beginning of the file. Otherwise it will only start reading from the end and wait for any new lines to be added.

If you need to repeatedly test the same file make sure to delete your sincedb file after each test so that the file input will read from the beginning again.

I use the start_position=>"beginning" but still it is not working

Oh dang, I misread your original post somehow. In that case I can't see what's going wrong.

You should start with a simpler config and build it up with more components to see where it's going wrong. If you remove the entire filter section and the Elasticsearch output does it read out the log lines to the terminal? Remember to delete the sincedb file first.

If the input file is older than 24 hours make sure you adjust the file input's ignore_older option.