How to get the podman container name , cpu and memory usage details using metricbeat

We are using rootless podman to our containers and would like to monitor the containers performance using metricbeat installed on the host. I have seen this blog post and understand we can use system module cgroup metrics to monitor any container engine. Even though it offers many fields like cputime, blkio, cpuaccountingmetrics we are not able to correlate it to the container health check directly. Could someone please help me to understand and answer the below questions

  1. How to get container cpu usage details
  2. How to get the container memory usage details
  3. How to get container status
  4. How to get the container name

podman version 1.4.4
metricbeat version 7.6.1

I don't think Metricbeat supports it this way. There is a module for docker, but I doubt that it will work with podman. If only podman exposes the API compatible with docker, you can try to use this one:

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