How to handle date related log files?


I am installing an ELK server for all the logfiles we have in our network. Configuring logstash-forwarder isn't that hard. I use

for example to push dhcpd.log to my ELK server.

But now i have a server which has logfiles related to the date. Like "radius-201511.log". Of course i could put

in the logstash-forwarder config file, but that means that it will not log "radius-201512.log" next December.

How can i configure logstash-forwarder that i catches all logs from every month? Is it simply "radius-2015**.log? And what about the logs in 2016?

Hope you understand what i mean :smile:

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Just use standard wildcards, e.g. radius-*.log.


Thanks man, that worked :slight_smile:

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