How to handle logstash logs in ubuntu 18.04

i have couple of problem. The logstash document says logs saved in /var/log/logstash folder,
but in my case log is saved in /usr/share/logstash/log folder ? so why is that ?

Other problem i am having is ubuntu syslog size keep on increasing and when i check it contail full of logstash logs. so is there way to stop syslog accumulating syslog file ?

my syslog file size is currently 16G, 3 hours ago it was 12G

Check that you don't have debug turned on in you logstash.yml file and there may be a symbolic link from /var/log/logstash to /usr/share/logstash/log

no it is log.type info is enabled

please help

I have had similar "issues" with Elasticsearch. I ended up creating my own file so I could disable syslog logging.

Actually looks like that was only to change log level...

Is there any other way, rather than changing the log4j file?

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