How to handle message with <F1>value</F1><F3>value</F3>

We have some logs where fields are separated with html like tags, value or phrase. The problem is that some messages have different fields and/or they may be in different orders.

Our SME's assistance was "Splunk just did it"


You can use an xml filter to parse that. A filter can only consume one XML document at a time, so you would need to wrap it in an outer document. With that message

    mutate { gsub => [ "message", "^", "<f>", "message", "$", "</f>" ] }
    xml { source => "message" target => "theXML" }

would result in

    "theXML" => {
    "F1" => [
        [0] "value"
    "F3" => [
        [0] "value"

You may also want to use the option force_array => false.

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