How to ignore bookmark(.winlogbeat.yml) when start the winlogbeat?

Quick question.

How can I play one event log on repeat or loop?
How to ignore bookmark when start the winlogbeat?
And can i auto restart the winlogbeat when changed the winlogbeat.yml?


I think you would want to script the process. Like delete the registry file (.winlogbeat.yml), run winlogbeat until it reads the whole event log (use no_more_events: stop similar to how its mentioned in reading .evtx files). Then repeat that in a loop.

It will always try to use the bookmarks if they exist. You could change the registry_path for each new run or just delete the file between runs.

Winlogbeat doesn't have a config reloading feature that monitors the file for changes.

I appreciate your help. Have a good day.:slight_smile:

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