How to increase the number of transaction in logstash

My goal has to reach 600 login/sec. when i run with single client, transaction going 170-200/sec. So i have added few more client machine to achieve this goal. how ever i unable to reach my goal, maximum transaction going 225 transaction /sec . Please help me how to increase the transaction. how many client machine i can use or do i need to do any configuration changes in Elasticsearch or Logstash.

What does your pipeline look like? What makes you think logstash is the bottleneck?

Just thinking, even there is no improvement of increasing client machine and if no issues in client(assuming), next steps events hits on the logstash only. So I thought do we can increase worker node or any configuration changes will it help. May be i am wrong. How to measure the events per second in logstash side. I will check one more time in client side mean while please suggest if i missed something in the flow/configuration

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