How to Install APM agent in Mongodb

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How can I install an APM agent in Mongodb database?

What is the right APM agent to install in Mongodb?

Elasticsearch version: 6.6

APM Server version: 6.6

APM Agent language and version: I know Mongodb is writen in C++, Go, Javascript and Pythoh but don't know which APM aget to use and how to install it.

Is there anything special in your setup? No


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Elastic APM does not instrument the MongoDB process directly, instead queries are traced from within the application they are made. So if you're running a Node.js application that is talking to your MongoDB database, you install the Elastic APM Node.js Agent into your Node.js app.

That being said, you should also consider collecting the metrics from MongoDB using the MongoDB Metricbeat module and its logs using either Filebeat or Logstash. But ingesting metrics and logs is not a replacement for APM data, it's just a compliment. Together Metrics, Logs, and APM data gives the full picture.

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I did exactly what you said, installing mongoDB Metribeat module and it worked.

Thank you !

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