How to listen events from logstash without beats

I am receiving input from postgres using jdbc plugin.

I wonder if there is a real-time change in postgres data, can't it be reflected with the jdbc input plugin? Is another plugin necessary? For example beats.

You can set a schedule in the jdbc input, that's as close as realtime comes for that.

did you mean * * * * * ?


if * * * * * is extremely slow (but it works), then... what do I have to check?

Check what, sorry?

Sorry it's not exactly same about first question. There are no problems getting events, but honestly it's too slow, so I'm thinking about writing beats. I am moving postgres geo data to elasticsearch with logstash. I want to move in real time and there are about 600,000 data. I set the offset to 5 minutes per 200,000 pieces. How can I determine whether this is a reasonable decision or not?

That's only something you can answer based on your requirements for your use case.

OK. That's not a helpful answer.

That seems reasonable, but I don't understand your use requirements, your SLAs, your infrastructure, your desired end state, your experience.

I could say that once every 10 minutes is reasonable for me, but it may not be for you.

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