How to loop the jdbc streaming filter by pass the index of array of object?

So here is the usecase

i have the "mainSKU": [
"id": 102,
"id": 101,
"id": 100,

like this and i am using jdb_streaming

and every mainSKU has 3 to 4 SKU

in order to that i need to loop get the every pass the index the jdbc_streaming like this [mainSKU][index][id] like this and it will do is get all the SKU's from SKU table .

so How to do that the database is postgress.?

is it possible to pass the whole array of integers as variable in select query to avoid the loop ? if not then what's the way to that looping

You could use a split filter to create three (or four) events from that mainSKU, then you would have a constant field name to use in the jdbc_streaming lookup. Then use an aggregate filter to recombine those event into one. It's not pretty, but it works.

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